Know the ambients


The Memorial is divided into three floors, which can be visited in no particular order. Visitors are completely free to map out their own tour.

In the 31 rooms that make up the Memorial, technology was used together with traditional objects and settings to create a rich and futuristic space.

To recover the building’s natural lighting and create a transition space between the exhibit rooms, the central inner patio received a garden and the old roof that covered this space was replaced for a skylight roof.

In every floor, there are educators available to help visitors.


Ground floor

In the ground floor, diverse media are gathered to show the live and work of symbolic artists from Minas Gerais. In this floor, you can also find a number of amenities: Café do Memorial, which includes a display of cachaças, fashion and photo exhibits; Cyber Lounge, Espaço Ler e Ver and Midiateca (Media Library).

Carlos Drummond de Andrade
Cyber Lounge
Guimarães Rosa
Lygia Clark
Reading + seeing space
Sebastião Salgado
Theme Café

Second floor

On the second floor, historical heritage takes visitors on a journey across the elements that make up the identity of Minas Gerais: Minas cities, the lives of Minas-born people in the past, their families and the public men in the State.

Minas Gerais People
Minas Gerais villages
Minas Gerais’ Farms
Opera House
Pantheon of Minas Gerais Politics
Rupestrian Minas Gerais
Sacred and profane Baroque
Stories of Belo Horizonte

Third floor

The third floor of Memorial Minas Gerais Vale has visitation spaces, galleries for temporary exhibits by new talents from Minas Gerais, an auditorium for various cultural and educational events such as performances, movie sessions, lectures and musical performances, among others. Also on this floor, you can find the Art Corridor, with records of major artists from Minas and the State’s cultural spaces.

Hall of Arts
Minas Gerais’ Spectacles
Temporary Exhibition Rooms
Vale room