Fundação Vale


Fundação Vale contributes to the integrated economic, environmental and social development of the places where Vale operates, strengthening the human capital in communities and respecting local cultural identities.

Fundação Vale’s activities are focused on structuring social programs and actions aimed at strengthening public policies, establishing partnerships and promoting social engagement. The aim is to contribute to the sustainable development of the regions where Vale operates and improve the quality of life of communities.

Fundação Vale’s objectives in the cultural area are to expand the population’s access to cultural assets, strengthen and value Brazilian cultural heritage and memory, respecting local identities. In its management apparatus and programs, the Foundation also helps promote social inclusion, training and professionalizing youngsters in areas such as culture, art and creative economics, contributing to the development of individuals as well as of society itself.

Through Memorial Vale, the Foundation seeks to contribute to heritage education and to the access of the general public to cultural and artistic production wealth in Minas Gerais.

In addition to managing the Memorial, Fundação Vale is also responsible for Museu Vale in Vila Velha, in the state of Espírito Santo, and for the Vale Música project.

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