Accessible Memorial

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Accessible Memorial

Memorial Minas Gerais Vale, in its mission to promote Minas Gerais’ manyfold history and culture, seeks to ensure the access and the inclusion of all kinds of public: people with disabilities, the elderly, children, infants, among others. Cultural Accessibility is thought of and articulated between all sectors of the museum that act not only to eliminate any architectural barriers, but also other obstacles, be it communicational, attitudinal, instrumental or methodological.

The museum offers multimedia tools for the exploration of its collection, adapted physical spaces, and a website that allows easy browsing.

The Memorial’s teams participate in capacity building courses focused on accessibility and the welcoming of all kinds of public.


Adapted physical structure

  • People with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs may access the Memorial by the side gate on Gonçalves Dias Street. The entrance enables direct access to the museum’s elevator that will take you to all floors within the building.
  • The Memorial can provide 4 (four) wheelchairs to visitors, being 2 (two) for children and 2 (two) for adults. If necessary, ask for the service at the reception.
  • The elevator is equipped with Braille buttons, both inside and outside, on all floors. It is also equipped with safety handrails and an emergency button. Each floor is announced orally.
  • There are bathrooms for people with disabilities and water fountains on all floors, in accordance with the accessibility rules.
  • The Memorial has a diaper changing station on the first floor.


Website and Social Media

  • Memorial’s website offers accessibility tools to all visitors.
  • Browsing may be done with an access key without the use of a mouse.
  • Its content is translated into Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) with the Hand Talk app.
  • The website has English and Spanish versions.
  • The list “Videos translated into Libras”, on MMGV’s You Tube channel, offers videos with various activities translated into Brazilian Sign Language.
  • On Memorial’s Instagram and Facebook pages specific contents are translated into Libras and include descriptive subtitling.


Tablets with a Multimedia Guide

  • Memorial has developed a Multimedia Guide to enhance the experience of all visitors. Through it the public may access different contents and choose specific theme routes.
  • The Multimedia Guide, installed on the tablets, is freely available to visitors, and may be downloaded to smartphones and tablets (app “Guia MMGV”, in iOS and Android).
  • People with hearing impairment are provided access by means of subtitling.
  • Children’s audience: in the Multimedia Guide, Florinda, the virtual assistant, will guide children and those accompanying them on a tour making the exploration of the spaces more amusing and curious.
  • The Guide is also available in English and Spanish.


Trained Team

The Memorial’s Team participates in capacity building courses and training programs so as to better host all kinds of public. These courses address themes such as accessibility in museums, reception and inclusion of people with different kinds and degrees of disabilities, digital accessibility, among others.



Praça da Liberdade, 640,
esquina com Rua Gonçalves Dias
Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brasil
30140-010 – (31) 3308-4000

Entrada gratuita

Horário de funcionamento

Quarta, sexta e sábado: das 10h às 17h30, com permanência até as 18h.

Quinta, das 10h às 21h30, com permanência até as 22h.

Domingo, das 10h às 15h30, com permanência até as 16h.

Agendamento de visitas
Para mais informações ligue (31) 3343-7317